Frequently Asked Questions:

Booking + Contract?

You can book with me in several ways:
- Email ( )
- Facebook on my personal or business page!

I require a signed contract upon booking as well as 50% down before travel.

How far in advance are you booking?

Booking for sessions is best to get ahold of me sooner rather than later. I find myself booking for the next year in the middle of the current year.
(Example: I begin looking at locations in July/August of the current year.) I am booked for 2022. I am looking at booking for 2023 and 2024 currently.

I do my best to keep options open and to accommodate everyone. Traveling often can either help/restrict where I go. I try to get X amount of people on a single trip to help alleviate the travel/lodging fees for everyone. It also makes my time worth it!

Cancellations and openings sometimes come up, so don't be surprised if you see me post about some openings! They don't last long!

How should I get my horse ready for you?

Typically for equine sessions I ask that the horse is stalled the day before or night before the shoot.
Horses should be “show ready” as I say. Horses should be washed, dry, clipped, hoof polish, braided/brushed mane & groomed like you were going to a show. THIS also applies to humans if you are planning a few
photos with your horse.

(TACK is optional – mostly owners put on a black rope halter and I edit out the halter and lead rope in Photoshop.)

You can't go wrong with a gorgeous show halter or bridle !!
I do have a halter or two for you to choose from IF you don't have one that is suited for our session. Please contact me for information on these.

How long do shoots normally last?

I'm one who doesn't believe in a time limit on sessions. Sessions typically last between 1-3 hours (depending on the amount of horses being photographed - this could be an all day adventure.)

I tend to work until I feel I have an ample amount of photos to work with that will give us the best photos!

** However, time/sunlight is of the utmost importance. If we agree on a time PLEASE be READY to go by that time.**

Black Background Sessions?

These are so popular right now. These sessions are done before we turn the horse out for liberty photos/riding/lunging. This keeps your horses super clean before they go outside and get dusty/dirty.

Black Background sessions REQUIRE a barn alleyway that is able to be closed off and darkened on the inside. Garages work as well. :)

ALL sessions come with basic retouching. (Halters if needed, flies, eye/ear replacements, lead ropes, blemishes on horses.)

In depth retouching such as: Background removal, large object removals, head replacement, and other artistic editing can be purchased for a fee per image.

Do you have an online gallery?

All clients get to view the images of their horses BEFORE being edited in a password protected gallery on my website. I love working with people when it comes to their horses.

Not all photographers do this and that's okay. It works for me because my clients are very particular about their horses. (I don't blame them.)
I want them to feel like they are a part of my work and their horses photos.
(Often times the owners are NOT there during the sessions!)

Receiving Images

During the busy season my turn around time is upwards of 8-12 weeks. This always depends on the amount of horses at session and the amount of sessions. In my off season turn around time is as little as 2 weeks. I value the quality of your photos over the speed of them being done.

**For PRIVATE SESSIONS I do offer expedited editing for an additional fee. 24 hours notice is $600 per photo. 36 hours notice is 400 per photo. 48 hours per photo is $250.

**For SHOW PHOTOS I do offer 48 hour expedited editing starting at $200 PER ORDER (not photo). 24 hour expedited editing is $800 per order.

Trainers, Breeders, and Boarding Barns:

I have a list of Trainers who have large (15+) barns full of horses. They get shoot discounts for having 15 or more horses are discounted, they do not receive a custom USB for images, images will be emailed to you. (See below for purchasing USB or DISC)

Trainer shoot discounted shoots can expect 10 edited High Resolution Images PER HORSE. These images will be delivered via Email to the client.

Full shoots can expect 30+ edited High Resolution images on a CUSTOM USB. You can also purchase a DISC for $25.00 (shipping included).

Where are you located?

I am based out of Louisburg, Kansas, USA.

However, I travel all over the United States for Equine Sessions.
99% of my sessions are 2+ hours from my home.

Travel & Lodging fees apply to all locations outside of my 50mi range from my Home.


Some photographers list their prices out on their websites. I don't simply because my sessions are *tailored* to each client to meet their needs for their horses. ie: art photos, sale photos, a little of both.

2022 Sessions average between $750-$4,000 USD. (Not including travel & lodging fees.)

50% of the session price is due upon booking and before I will travel. A Contract must also be signed when booking. Travel & Lodging fees are split between everyone on a trip! This not only helps keep costs down but it does make it fair for everyone!

Payment is done through PayPal, Venmo, Cash, or Check (with pre approval).


How many horses per shoot?

Since each session is tailored to EACH client; typically a single session I ask there only be 2 horses.

However; There are certain sessions I have that are one horse PER session.

You are welcome to add on horses for additional pricing. These add on's are typically cheaper but less images (you can most definitely switch horses around for this if needed.)

Where do sessions take place?

Most equine sessions take place where the horse is located or boarded at. Horses are most comfortable where they live at.

IF you would like to haul your horse to a different location, I do not mind traveling to this location.

Please ensure that the area is Horse SAFE...especially if your session includes your horse being turned out for some liberty shots in a pasture/paddock/arena. Equine safety is absolutely key for me.

**NOTE: if your session takes place at a public/private place that requires payment for a photographer the client is responsible for this payment.**

Weather isn't cooperating?

The weather apps on my phone are often one of the most frequently used apps before my sessions.

IF you happen to be part of my large trip I'm making...we will work together to discuss the weather.
Refunds will be given if weather just cannot cooperate OR you can choose to have a credit for a session in the future. This also includes horse sickness or death or human sickness.

Travel/lodging fee is not refunded, this is considered your "non-refundable deposit."

Do you have an assistant?

Unfortunately I do not ALWAYS have an assistant handy.
I do recommend that you have a friend or someone your horse knows (also someone who is horse savvy) to lend a hand the day of the session.

The person that will be helping us will need to sign a “helper liability” form. This protects US BOTH if your helper gets bit, falls, gets trampled, or any of the unfortunate things that CAN happen while helping, handling horses.

Can I share the images on social media?


I include Social Media images FOR you to share your photos on facebook!

Please do not post un-watermarked/HiRes images to social media.

Also please refrain from using any filters on the images – it creates unwanted colors on my images. By signing a contract you have already agreed to this and by downloading show images you agree to this.

You don't have to tag me....but of course brownie points if you do !!

Stallion Ads/Flyers?

While I consider myself pretty proficient at Photoshop - I do not consider myself a Graphic Designer for Stallion Flyers. I do, however, have the perfect person lined up to be recomended for any client who is wanting/needing a Flyer or Ad for their Stallion OR their business.