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Some of us never outgrew the "I Love Horses" stage...

Horses have LONG been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. They have taught me much about life and how to handle myself. Years of studying, training, and being around them have honed my skills in being able to properly photograph them. It's only natural I guess my career would choose to combine two loves in one....Equine and Photography. 

I was born and raised in the tourist town of Lake Of The Ozarks, Missouri. I was raisedby my strict but good-intentions father, who heavily influenced the things that are still my main focuses of life: horses, singing, and photography. He handed me a simple digital camera and a very early version of Photoshop and told me to teach myself these two things, as they were a tool and could help me in the future...(little did you know, Dad...)

On top of photography I also frequently sing The National Anthem at large venues all across the United States, as well as ride my horse when I can!  I am truly blessed to be creatively rounded as I am!

I didn't get my first DSLR until about freshman/sophomore year of High School (from my cooler older brother). Somehow with as busy as I was with horses, marching band, and singing.....I found a way to play around with my camera and photoshop.   

I am a self-taught/natural light photographer, I've never found the time to take classes or anything of that nature. While I take great pride in that, I am humble enough to always evolve and learn in my craft. I believe that you always have to work to be good at something, it's not just handed to you. 

My Goal

My photography is more than a "job" to me it is my passion and I live and breathe's riding for your brand.

I believe in giving people something to remember and something they are proud to hang on their walls or display at their workplace.

Art of their horses that makes them  remember where/when/why they fell in love with horses and never looked back.

I want my photos to make you FEEL emotional and to connect with every horse in my photos. I want you to not only see the horse. I want you to feel the power, the strength, the beauty, and the soul of the horse.

I never just want to "take a photo of a horse" - I want to turn it into what the horse has been for centuries....ART...and I would love to see YOUR horse be a part of my ART. ♥️

My Life Currently

Currently, I reside near Marshfield, Missouri (25 miles from Springfield, Missouri) with my fiance', Jonathan, who is a Army Veteran of 7yrs, our 4  year old German Shepherd Dog; Shelby, our fat inside cat; Arti, two outside barn cats, and  my AQHA Mare; Vegas (Smokin Kingers Tink). 

Jonathan plays an important role with Heart Of A Cowgirl Photography...he's often the pack mule, ear perker, horse holder, horse chaser/runner, and game player on his phone when not needed. He IS the backbone behind my business, as he does most of my tax and financial work. He makes sure everything is how it is supposed to be to make sure this business strives and grows!  Jonathan is one of the biggest reasons I've come so far in my photography as I have, without his persistence and support it is safe to say...I would be pretty stagnant. 

I look forward to getting to know you and your amazing equine partners !! 

5-6 May, 2016, Kansas City, Kansas USA<br />
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©2016, Phillip Abbott<br />

all photos but singing photos on this page taken by: Suzy Lozeau of Unbranded Photography

Contact Info:

You can reach me by email as well as a facebook message on either my photography page or my personal facebook page. I look forward to working with you! 

tel: 573.789.8112 (text only please)

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