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These FAQ's are here for you to better understand your questions you have regarding shoots! Please feel free to email me with ANY other questions or if I need to elaborate: heartofacowgirlphoto@gmail.com

How do I book with you?

 You can book with me several ways! (Links below are clickable!) 
Message On Facebook
TEXT ME (573-789-8112)
Please try to understand shoots fill up fast !! Upon booking I will send you a contract that can be signed online. If you wish to pay in full online you can via PayPal

How far are you willing to travel?

 I travel A LOT.  I would say close to 85% of my shoots require me to travel at least 1 hour from home. Travel fees WILL apply for those who are located outside of my 50 mile range. If you would like a more accurate price of travel fees for your shoot...feel free to EMAIL ME or send me a Message On Facebook with your location (or location of the shoot) and I can get you a definite travel fee price. 

 I often book shoots in other states by people who have GROUPS of people interested in shoots...would help out on travel fees and lodging fees that way no one is stuck with one giant fee. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in please EMAIL ME !! Let's talk !! 

How long do shoots last?

  I try to not put "time limits" on my shoots, simply because I like to dedicate most of my time to YOUR shoot. Your shoot is the most important that day !! However, most shoots last between 1.5-2.5 hours. Rarely do I have shoots last longer, but it has happened! 

How many horses per Shoot?

  I normally ask between 2 MAX PER shoot. It is ONLY fair to the photographer to not OVERLOAD them with horses for the fee you're paying. We sit behind computers all day to make sure your images are PERFECT. Adding more horses only stresses your photographer out! Additional horses CAN be added to a normal shoot for $200.00 PER HORSE for 2019.

How do I pay?

IN STATE (Missouri):
I require a $80 deposit upon booking your shoot. These can be done via: PayPal, Bank-Transfer, Check, or Cash. The rest of the amount is due the day of the shoot:  Cash, PayPal, or Check. Travel fees must be paid in cash.  You are more than welcome to pay in full upon booking your shoot. Payment of the deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE and secures your booking date.

I require a half-down deposit upon booking your shoot. These can by done via: PayPal, Bank-Transfer. (Checks CAN be mailed, but I require the other options be used first!) Travel fees must be paid in cash, you are welcome to pay in FULL when booking your shoot. $100 of your deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE and SECURES your booking date.

- 1 week rush: $900.00
- 2-3 day rush: $1400.00
- 1 day rush: $2500.00

** Please keep in mind. If your chosen location REQUIRES The Photographer to pay to enter....The CLIENT is responsible for the payment for The Photographer to enter. IE: parks, private locations, etc. **

You have a CONTRACT? Why? What is it for? Do I have to sign it?

  I am a firm believer in transparency. I am pretty black and white as a person, I despise grey areas and do my best to avoid them not only for my self but for my clients as well. A Contract is so both parties know what is expected of each other !!

My contract is NOT to trap you or confuse you. I, too, hate to sign something and find out I am trapped...

My contract is to protect us BOTH. (Examples: should your horse trip and fall and injure himself or you - I am not going to be held liable for the injuries. How about if I fall and hurt myself or your horse hurts me - you are not liable for my injuries or broken camera !)
It brings the whole shoot and puts it on paper so no one gets confused, it allows you to know what you can and cannot do with your images !! (Examples: images aren't to be sold (unless we have spoken and another contract is signed), images are not to be edited after being sent to you, images posted online should brand our logo...etc.) Please feel free to email me with questions regarding this, I can send you a online copy of the contract for you to view.

Email Me

Disc or USB?

  The Disc is FREE...you are more than welcome to purchase a USB for me to put your images on or you can pay $30 extra for me to include one to your shoot. Some PC's do not allow Discs anymore. USB's are insanely expensive to purchase as a whole, so I have yet to switch completely over yet. 

What do I need to do to get my horse ready for a shoot with you?

  Typically for Equine Shoots I like to ask that the horse is stalled the day and night before the shoot...this ensures their personalities to come out when they are running around the field! Horses should be washed/dried, manes/tails should be shavings and hay free, they should be clipped and ready for their "15 minutes of fame!" 

What editing comes with sessions? Black backgrounds? Full edits?

 ALL sessions come with basic editing !! Basic editing includes things such as: lead ropes, flies, manes, head/ear swaps, minor background clean up. I try to include 1 or 2 black backgrounds in a session. Any more than that or larger edits are charged at $70.00 per/hr. (Larger edits include full background removals, fine art edits...etc) 

• Where do the shoots take place? Location?

 Most equine sessions take place at where the horse is located. If you have a better place or places in mind, I do not mind at all traveling to those locations. If you have any concerns about your location (s) please talk with me, I don't mind helping out where I can !!

Make sure your location(s) of choice are S A F E  for your Equine if your Equine will be turned out in a pasture. (Look for messy fencing, loose fencing,  other horses, and objects in the field.) If you are wanting a Liberty shoot for your horse - we ask please remove all other horses from the field. Safety is NUMBER one for me !! 

Weather isn't looking great, what now? Or If I am sick or you are sick!

 I try to keep an eye on the weather, regardless....if you happen to be a few hours away from me and I am driving to you. You will have a better and more accurate call on weather than I would. If weather just doesn't work out - we will discuss a date for another shoot !! If one of us happens to get sick - again we will discuss a date for another shoot !! 

Do you have an assistant?

 I do not always have an assistant on hand. I do recommend that you have a friend or someone you know that knows how to handle a horse properly to lend a hand the day of the shoot. The person who will be helping us will need to sign a "helper liability" form. This just protects US both if your helper falls, gets trampled, or any other things that can happen when helping/handling horses.  

How long does it take for our photos to be ready?

 During the "busy season" it can take up to 4-5 weeks or longer....depending on the amount of shoots !! 
 On my "off-season" it can take as little as 2 weeks. I ask regardless, you remain patient as us photographers are not machines (as much as we would LOVE to be sometimes.)Once again I believe in full transparency I will be in contact with you the entire time of your session.   I have a farm and a "family" to take care of during the day as well.
I value the QUALITY of your photos over the speed of them being done.


- 1 week rush: $900.00

- 2-3 day rush: $1400.00

- 1 day rush: $2500.00

Who owns my image?

 This is always a question I try to answer with the most respect. Legally, Heart Of A Cowgirl Photography owns all images from the moment of creation and until a copyright release is signed. This is NOT to be confused with a print release. ALL clients get a "Print Release."  I do not give away copyright releases. If you feel like you need to purchase ALL rights to your images, feel free to email me at: heartofacowgirlphoto@gmail.com

What is a Digital Image Purchase VS a Print?

Equine event/events can purchase images two ways:

DigitallyFind the images you would like to buy on my website. send me file #'s to the images. I will send you an invoice for the images via PayPal - once paid I will email the High Resolution images to you. 
Print: You can order these images directly off of this website. The images will be edited then sent to the printing company I use and they will be printed off and mailed to your mailbox! 

Can I share the images on social media?

 YES of course !! When you get your DISC (or USB) you will be given two folders
1. Un-watermarked images (these are ONLY FOR PRINTING.)
2. watermarked images (these images are OK to use on social media). In the contract you will sign, it states no un-watermarked versions are to be uploaded to social media! 

Any other Questions? PLEASE Email me: heartofacowgirlphoto@gmail.com

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