2019 Locations - Heart Of A Cowgirl Photography

Hi There !! 

This list is a tentative list of where I will be at 2019. 
This list can/will change as 2019 continues. 
Please feel free to Facebook Message me or Email me for any questions regarding shoots. 
Please keep in mind....these shoot dates fill up QUICKLY. 

IF you do not see some locations/dates on here. I'm still working on dates for certain places. I ALSO will need to leave myself some room between shoots....especially large long trip shoots. I TOO have to recuperate after traveling and working EVERY DAY. Please be patient. x

✔️ = BOOKED dates will not change.

January 2019

Jan 24th - 26th: Las Vegas, NV ✔️

Jan 31st: Berryville, AR

February 2019


March 2019


April 2019

April 12th - 19th: California (Private Farm Shoots. Not booking OUTSIDE shoots.)

May 2019

May 3rd-5th: Sheridan, AR  ✔️

April 23rd - June 1-5th??: South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois (Chicago area)  ✔️

June 2019

OPEN: ONLY booking shoots IN MISSOURI (or close to Missouri)... between June 17th-30th.

June 10th-15th: Lexington, KY  & Cookeville, TN . ✔️

July 2019


July 26th - 28th: Cheyenne, WY (Not booking shoots.) ✔️

August 2019

Aug 13 - 15th: Portland, OR (not booking any outside shoots. Private farm shoots.)  ✔️

Aug 16th - 19th: Florence, OR (not booking any outside shoots. Private farm shoot.) ✔️

September 2019

Sept 17th - 22nd: Las Vegas, NV - Andalusian World Cup 2019 @ South Point  - Official Photographer  ✔️

Sept 27th - 29th: Red Bluff, CA - Festival of The Gypsies 

October 2019

NOT booking for WHOLE month of October.  UNLESS for emergencies.  My Wedding is being planned for this month.  

November 2019

Nov 6th - 10th: Belton, TX - Feathered Horse Classic Nationals & TX FHC show - Official Photographer  ✔️

December 2019


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