Reminding people why they fell in love with

"The Horse"

For as long as I can remember, horses have been a huge part of my life...and if you're reading this...there's a good chance they have been in yours as well. Some of us truly never grew out of the "I love horses" stage!

"Center of art for centuries..."

It's no surprise that horses have been the center of ALL forms of art for CENTURIES. Though my photographs I want to show you why The Horse has been the chosen subject for centuries as the center of ARTWORK.

I want my photos to make you feel emotion and to connect with every horse. Feeling their power, their strength, and see their heart and soul for the incredible animal they are and for the magic they have created with humans since the dawn of time.


What clients are saying...

Katie Hembree of KD Performance Horses

"Where do I start? Heart of a Cowgirl Photography has captured timeless events and moments in my career and every day life.  She brings so much emotion and personality and beauty in every image she creates.  She strives to portray the horse, horse and rider, or just the rider for who they are and does it over and over again.  Making you feel overcome with emotion and love for all of her work.

I am so blessed to be able to have her continually shoot at my farm, at shows or wherever we dream up a artistic shoot!  I cannot imagine where I would be without Samantha and the amazing work she creates for me.  Whenever we feel we have done the best shoot ever, we end up topping it the next time and so forth!

I cannot imagine using anyone else to help me show the world my horses, my clients horses, my dogs, my son, and so much more!

Thank you for all you do and what you continue to do!"

Ashley Morgan Rhodes - Horse Trainer & Professional model

"Samantha is by FAR the BEST photographer I have dealt with! She is very reasonably priced, and has a great eye for action shots, but can capture those special and romantic moments as well. She has so much talent, she even helped me dye my hair before our shoot!

WHAT PHOTOGRAPHER DOES THAT?! And she also edits SUPER fast, and gives you more than enough to choose from! I have had over 25 photographers shoot me and my stallions, and she is the best all the way around. Not to mention she is the most professional, sweet, outgoing, and kind person I've met! 100 STARS!"

Jessica Renner of Iron Feathered Cobs

"Samantha’s work speaks for itself. I really shouldn’t have to explain why I’m giving a 5 star rating. Phenomenal eye for photography, great work ethic, and she has the easiest going personality. It makes shooting with her very fun and comfortable.

Her prices are so reasonable I would say we all, as her clients, are getting so much more from her than we deserve. I can’t ever thank her enough for making the trip up to MN. It allowed all of us that booked to have an amazing experience, and she captured the best moments for us to cherish."

Vanessa Gravatt of KT Reiners

"Very very Highly recommend Samantha and her services! Not everyone can see the beauty of a horse like she can! Samantha is amazingly talented, she catches the special Magic of each horse that takes your breath away!! She is truly gifted plus so fun to work with!! We look forward to every time we get to see Samantha! One of the great highlights of the year! She puts so much work and love into every piece of art she does!!!"

Megan Kenney of Aisling Ranch

"I have been in the horse business for over 20 years and successfully own my own training program in central Texas. I've known and followed Samantha for a few years before she was able to make it out to our farm. I saw a raw and gifted talent in her work that was well worth the wait. She has a horse background that adds an element of professional ability in appreciating what works to help get the best photo expressions of your horses. No matter the breed or discipline, she has a plethora of tools to make ease of shoots possible while also willingly collaborating with the horse owners to help meet their wants too. She has the tenacity, the vision and the work ethic with attention to detail that not only surpasses most, but are the reasons we are blessed to make her our farms (specifically our resident stallions) official photographer. She is hands down well worth getting those forever keepsakes of your beloved equines!"

Debbie Erickson

"I LOVE my horse photos. I have them blown up great big and spread all over my house and barn. You are so wonderful to work with. You absolutely caught my horses' personalities. I can't wait for you to come back and do my last guy."

Izabela Love of Sassylass Gypsies

"Samantha was hands down the best photographer I've ever had. She was easy to work with, professional all while keeping the process light and fun! She was well prepared and kept my horses feeling comfortable and happy! She has a great eye for location, poses etc. The photos that resulted were incredible! The photos perfectly showed off my gypsy horses! 1000% recommend using her and would use her again in a heartbeat."

Olivia Pikul of POSH Performance Horses

"Truly an amazing experience on all fronts. Samantha was knowledgeable, communicative and fun to work with throughout the process. She got images back to me so quickly and is so friendly and fun to talk to. Her work speaks for itself. She truly has a talented eye and knows how to position even the most energetic horses (mine lol) to get the winning shot. Would recommend a million times over."

Kaycee Crockett

"Samantha has an unmatched eye for going beyond equine photography and capturing each horses unique personalities! She was patient, professional, and fun for my stallions photoshoot. She turns photos into true works of art! 10/10 recommend!!!"