Hey ! I'm Samantha Dawn !

For as long as I can remember, horses have been a huge part of my life...and if you're reading this...there's a good chance they have been in yours as well.

I was one of the lucky ones born with "horse" almost encoded in my DNA. Horses have taught me so much about life and how to be "in the moment." Years of studying, training, and being around them have honed in my skills in being able to properly photograph them.

I want my photos to make you FEEL emotion, to connect with every horse in my photos. I want to show you the soul of the horse through my eyes. Feel their power, their strength, and their heart. I never just want to be the photographer who just “takes a photo of a horse” - I want to turn it into what THE HORSE has been for centuries...ART...and I would love to see YOUR horse be a part of my ART. ♥️

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“You can be anything you want to be, just turn yourself into anything you think that you could ever be"”